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Peptide Therapy Weight Loss in Mandeville, LA

Peptide Therapy Weight Loss, specifically compounded Tirzepatide, involves administering peptides to assist in weight loss. Tirzepatide is a promising compound that targets the body’s glucose and appetite regulation systems. It acts on specific receptors in the body to control glucose levels and reduce appetite, leading to weight loss. This therapy can address stubborn fat deposits and overall body weight, making it a comprehensive solution for those struggling with weight management.

This treatment is suitable for individuals seeking effective weight loss solutions. Results may vary, but many individuals start noticing weight and body composition changes within a few weeks of starting the therapy. The duration of results may vary from person to person, but they can last for an extended period with proper maintenance and a healthy lifestyle. Consider Peptide Therapy for Weight Loss at The Aesthetic Haus in Mandeville, LA, to achieve weight loss goals and enhance overall well-being.

Benefits of Peptide Therapy Weight Loss


Peptide Therapy Weight Loss is ideal for those who want to achieve their weight loss goals while prioritizing their overall health and well-being. With a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, individuals seeking effective weight management solutions can benefit significantly from this therapy.

Most patients can expect to see the therapy’s results within a few weeks after starting it, but keep in mind that individual responses may vary. However, it’s essential to continue with the therapy your healthcare provider prescribes to achieve the best possible outcome.

Results can last for an extended period with proper maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.

Peptide Therapy Weight Loss generally has minimal to no downtime, and side effects, if any, are usually mild and temporary.

Before treatment, maintain a balanced diet and stay adequately hydrated. Afterward, follow any post-treatment instructions provided by our professionals for optimal results.

A healthcare professional will administer the peptides via a personalized plan during the treatment, focusing on your weight loss goals and overall well-being. The process is typically well-tolerated and efficient, giving you a step closer to achieving your desired weight.

Tirzepatide is a peptide that targets what is known as the GIP-1 receptors that are produced throughout the body. The compound works by stabilizing your blood glucose preventing spikes in hunger, slows gastric emptying to make you feel full longer, blocks out food noise in your brain to prevent cravings & binge eating.

Bring your most recent copy of your labs CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, Thyroid Panel and HgA1C. Must be within 3 months. It is preferred if you see a primary doc yearly. We can send labs into LabCorp, or Quest if needed.

Allergy to Tirzepatide
Any family history of Medullary Thyroid Cancer
Family history of Multiple Endocrine neoplasia Syndrome Type2
History of Type 1 or 2 Diabetes Mellitus
History of Kidney Disease
Gastrointestinal Disease
History of Gastroparesis or pancreatitis
History of Diabetic Retinopathy or currently taking medications (Meformin/Insulin)

As long as you are being followed by a Primary Care, your Thyroid and Blood Pressure are controlled.

Everyone has different goals and body types; an ideal patient is someone who needs to lose 30+ lbs which usually puts your BMI >30.

This will be dependent on your weight loss/tolerance of meds. Plan to not to lose much (if any) in the first month, plan to lose no more than 2lbs a week following.

Initial consult is $250 whether you are deemed a candidate or not for us to review your labs and do a full workup. If you are deemed a candidate, it will be an extra $200 for your first month’s dose. This will include all needles, alcohol swabs, sharp containers, etc. Month 2 is $450, Month 3 is $500…(refer to dosage chart for pricing)

The whole goal is to wean you off the medication completely but this may take a while to get to every other week then once a month, etc. During this time, it will be important to track rebound weight gain and check in to make sure you are maintaining good nutrition and exercise habits.

Most common side effects involve the GI system. Nausea, Belching, and Constipation are most common. Diarrhea and Vomiting can be expected but more rare.

Every 3.5 – 4 weeks. After 2nd Titration, you may do virtual follow ups. Must have scale at home to do so.

Incorporate physical exercise 3-4 times a week; 30 minutes per day. Because your appetite will be decreased, be sure to up your protein and water intake.

Severe stomach pain, persistent nausea or vomiting, dizziness, severe headaches, and all other side effects are expected. Notify us of any concerns.

Once you are deemed a candidate and your labs are reviewed, the providers will send your prescription to the pharmacy. The medication will be shipped to your house in 3.5 weeks. We will do a follow up and send for refill if tolerating well. Meds will be titrated monthly depending on Weight Loss and patient side effects.

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