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Medical Grade Vitamins in Mandeville, LA

The Aesthetic Haus in Mandeville, LA, proudly offers a curated selection of highly potent and pharmaceutical-grade vitamins known as Medical Grade Vitamins, available through the reputable brands Designs for Health and Metagenics. These specialized vitamins are meticulously formulated to address nutritional needs and promote optimal absorption and bioavailability. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding patients through the vast benefits of these vitamins, tailored to enhance various aspects of health and wellness. Whether seeking improved skin health, elevated energy levels, robust immune support, or overall well-being, our personalized plans ensure you achieve your health goals efficiently. Experience the effects of consistent use and a healthy lifestyle as you witness improved energy, mental clarity, healthier skin, and enhanced hair and nail growth on your journey to optimal health.


Designs for Health

Experience the power of Designs for Health, a renowned brand offering pharmaceutical-grade vitamins designed to support your health goals. Whether you seek to improve your energy levels, boost your immune system, or enhance your skin health, Designs for Health provides potent and effective solutions tailored to your needs.


Metagenics is a trusted name in Medical Grade Vitamins, known for their high potency and exceptional bioavailability. These vitamins are meticulously formulated to replenish nutrient deficiencies and support various bodily functions, ranging from skin health and hair growth to immune system reinforcement.

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